Hair care


  • Hair Spa

    A therapy for hair re-growth, hair spa is a solution to many problems related to hair. It is not only a therapy for hair re-growth. Hair spa helps in conditioning the scalp, circulates blood and gives relaxation. The expert stylists at Jyoth's make sure that what you receive is the best possible solution to all hair problems you have. Spa for conditioning helps in making the hair follicles stronger. The main purpose of this conditioning is nourishing the roots of the hair and promoting hair re-growth. The oil secretion of the scalp can be controlled. It re hydrates the scalp without causing dryness of the scalp.


    Hair Colour is an important aspect of style, which has the power to transform and revitalise one's overall look and appearance. Rich vivid tones can, no doubt, elevate a hair design. Whether you are looking to enhance the natural colouring of your hair or are bored of that monotonous look, our professional colourists possess driven expertise. Whenever one hears about the word "highlight" with regards to hair, she immediately conjure up images of high-contrast blonde pieces running through the top of your hairstyle like train tracks. However, this is not the trend anymore.


    Every person's style is as unique as her personality, and we at Jyothy's are focused on bringing this inner beauty to the surface. All our stylists design with superior technique, thoughtfulness and creative vision. We use a wide variety of tools to give you that individual look. Each haircut at Jyothy's begins with a personal consultation to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result.

  • Hair Straightening

    The Hair Straightening and Smoothing at Jyothy's takes care of extremely dry and dull hair and turns it into soft, silky and easy-going hair. The process works like this: after a deep-cleansing shampoo, the stylist applies a straightening solution to the hair. Next, he blow-dries the hair straight and meticulously flat-irons it. That creates a waterproof seal that helps hair strands maintain their new shape for a long duration.


    Hair growth and texture mostly depends on the scalp conditions and nutritional factors. A dry scalp tends to shed small skin flakes that are not as oily as that flakes out from oily scalp, which are known as dandruff. Though it is rarely serious, the condition may be embarrassing and may occur due to different causes in individuals. It may or may not improvise from daily lifestyle conditions and shampoo habits. At Jyothy's we provide perfect solution for dandruff.